Accounting fees

Accounting fees

Accounting fees are calculated based on industry in which company operates, complexity of transactions and number of transactions. Rough estimate of accounting fees are provided below but these may vary depending on particular business.


50 EUR per month

No employees

No business deals


80 EUR per month

Up to 1 employee

Up to 30 transactions


120 EUR per month

Up to 2 employees

Up to 60 transactions


150 EUR per month

Up to 4 employees

Up to 100 transactions


225 EUR per month

Up to 6 employees

Up to 150 transactions


300 EUR per month

Up to 8 employees

Up to 200 employees

One transaction is defined us:

  • One issued or received invoice;
  • One employee;
  • One acquisition or write-off of fixed assets;
  • One cash transaction;
  • Five bank transactions.