Latvian law stipulates that every company is obliged to keep accounts, reflecting and recording any transaction, fact or event that causes changes in the company’s “wallet”. This does not always mean hiring your own in-house accountant; currently such functions can be outsourced or even performed by the manager himself or herself. In any case, it is clear that there are various challenges in accounting and that unforeseen situations may take place on a daily basis. Where can you turn for assistance?

Experience has shown that advice is most often required, when unprecedented situations arise – when for the first time in your life an agreement on export transaction has to be concluded and the tax consequences need to be calculated accordingly, when in case of a significant error in the accounts or annual report it cannot be corrected duly, when a representative of the State Revenue Service arrives for inspection and a quick decision must be made, on how to resolve the possible problem situation. We like to compare accounting consultations with friendship – daily it is possible to do everything on your own, but in stressful times a friend’s shoulder can be useful and important.

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We offer consultations by experienced accounting experts on various accounting issues. We know the answers to all these questions:

  • When do you have to submit the annual report and how to prepare it properly?
  • How do you record local and international transactions?
  • How to calculate the payable taxes correctly and wisely?
  • If and in which cases is it possible to optimize taxes in compliance with the country laws and regulations in force?
  • What should you do, if an inspector of the State Revenue Service arrives at your company for an inspection?
  • Is a signature required on electronically signed invoice?
  • What documents have to be prepared, if a company is liquidated or established?
  • How can the manager understand the information included in the accounting statements and use it to his or her advantage?
  • How to develop the company’s accounting policy?
  • Who needs to develop an internal control system and why?
  • How to correctly calculate the salaries of your employees?
  • What are the tax aspects and what changes in the relationship with employees in the event of company reorganization?
  • How is the employee overtime calculated?
  • What is the travel allowance, when going on a business trip to another European country?
  • What are the most recent changes in accounting regulations?
  • When is it better to pay dividends?
  • Have I prepared the report correctly?
  • How can I correct an error made in the accounting calculations?
  • When is it best to “tighten the belt” and when to invest in new projects?

Our experts are ready to advise you on these and at least 1000 other daily or untypical questions about accounting at the most convenient place and time for you.