Company provides full scope accounting services to Latvian companies, branch offices and permanent establishments for foreign companies. Upon request we can also handle specific functions of accounting work, for example, tax compliance and payroll compliance. By using our outsourced accounting services you will not need to hire internal accountant, purchase accounting software as it will be performed by dedicated team.

Why should you select us as your accountant?

Outsourced accounting services are our key business and we do our best to ensure the quality and professional approach. Each accounting company can adopt its own approach focusing on price, quality, expertise or industries on which clients operate. If you appreciate the below-listed qualities which we focus on, then our cooperation will be successful:

  • Our senior accounting team has more than 10 years experience in accounting and tax consulting with international audit companies (so-called BIG4);
  • We have competence in complex transactions, including international trade;
  • When performing our accounting work, we assess options for optimizing tax expenses in line with local law, and which is even more important, we do assess whether your business transactions are not exposed to tax penalties;
  • Depending on your needs, we can perform our work either in your office where all documents are stored, or remotely at our office by strictly complying with deadlines agreed with you;
  • Upon request we propose preparing labor-related documentation, including compulsory labour safety procedures;
  • We will take in charge on potential tax audits or inspections.

How to start cooperation with us?

If you are in search of accountant, we will be pleased to meet you and discuss potential cooperation with you. You may contact us either by calling, emailing or contacting via contact form:

Accounting fees

Accounting fees are calculated based on industry in which company operates, complexity of transactions and number of transactions. Rough estimate of accounting fees are provided below but these may vary depending on particular business.


50 EUR per month

No employees

No business deals


150 EUR per month

Up to 4 employees

Up to 100 transactions


80 EUR per month

Up to 1 employee

Up to 30 transactions


225 EUR per month

Up to 6 employees

Up to 150 transactions


120 EUR per month

Up to 2 employees

Up to 60 transactions


300 EUR per month

Up to 8 employees

Up to 200 employees

One transaction is defined us:

  • One issued or received invoice;
  • One employee;
  • One acquisition or write-off of fixed assets;
  • One cash transaction;
  • Five bank transactions.