Our personnel has significant experience in advising the Latvian taxes:

Ongoing tax consulting

We help the clients to identify and solve the tax issues which arise from the executed or contemplated transactions. Our involvement may range from advising on the correct application of taxes to helping the client to minimize the tax burden by restructuring the transaction or its supporting documents.

Tax review

This service allows the client to prepare for the potential challenges by the State Revenue Services during the tax audit. By using our experience in dealing with the State Revenue Service audits we effectively identify the client’s key risk areas. The tax review is also an effective product for identifying tax saving opportunities.

Tax authority opinion and advance ruling

To strengthen the position of the taxpayer in unclear situations, sometimes it is advisable to apply to the authorities with request to provide a written clarification or an advance ruling.

Tax disputes and litigation

We provide support in tax disputes with the State Revenue Service, by preparing clarifications or representing the client in negotiations with the tax authorities. If is not possible to settle down the dispute, we assist the client in appealing the tax authorities’ decision to the court and represent the client in the litigation.