We offer valuation services which are provided using some of the internationally recognized methods. Valuation is a process in which one or several valuation methods are used in order to determine the object value. If the future goals of the valuated object are known, the valuation can be a crucial factor to achieve these goals and that is why the outcome of the valuation can define the future of the business.

Our wide experience and great knowledge in valuation provides the appropriate approach in each project and also ensures understanding of business, market and competitors.

You will receive high quality valuation services which will be developed in accordance with your particular business and also which will reflect your opportunities and future perspective in the current situation.

Our employees are included in the investment evaluators list of the Register of Enterprises with the right to assess and provide advice in the following areas:

  • Business valuation (such as, business restructuring);
  • Intellectual property (trademarks, trade names, patents, licences);
  • Debt and liabilities;
  • Shares.

The valuation is in accordance with the Latvian and International Valuation Standards and Latvian legislation.