The most popular accounting programs

In the past, companies and institutions kept accounting records on paper – offices had large cabinets with folders, where the most important data on the financial events of the company was stored from year to year. Nowadays accountants as well can design their offices in minimalist style, as all information is stored in computer programs and clouds.

When choosing an accounting program for your company, it is preferable to consider the most important parameters, as a successfully chosen accounting program can later become a successful tool not only for the accountant, but also for the entire company. It probably doesn’t even matter, which programs are the most popular or are less popular, because each of them has its own user and each of them meets certain needs.

What are the criteria for choosing the accounting program?

  • Initially, a new company may not require a program with many functions, but as it develops, such need will certainly arise, therefore it is necessary to evaluate not only the functions that are required currently, but also functions that will be necessary in the future.
  • It is worth finding out what programs are used by other entrepreneurs in the specific industry, and what their experience stories are.
  • It should be taken into account that program developers and vendors sometimes initially reveal only the cost of the program itself, but you should also take into account the cost of implementation, the cost of setting up and maintaining the required infrastructure.
  • There may be some technical problems with the day-to-day use of accounting program, and it is important that support is available immediately.
  • In Latvia (and other countries) the legislation changes regularly along with the tax rates, therefore it is important that the chosen program develops along time and is regularly updated.
  • Each program has its own basic model, but it is convenient, if the developer offers to develop the required additions, adapting them to the needs of accountants in the particular industry.
  • Efficiency and the time value of employees are increasingly important topics in business, therefore it is useful, if the program can at least partially replace some activities implemented by people by automating them, for example, automatic invoicing.
  • Many companies currently work with several programs at the same time, therefore it is worth finding out, whether the accounting program will be compatible with them.